Videos Winter Edition 2017

Lions Run

Videos Winter Edition 2017

To get a picture of what the Lion´s Run Winter Edition is all about, simply imagine the Action of the Summer Edition just on snow playground. Since the first Winter Event took place in January 2016, this one of a kind event concept was fully booked out with a limited amount of 20 cars and 40 participants. With unparalleled events such as ski-doo racing, sledging, skiing, ice-driving, snow drifting and of course the sickest night events and glamorous snow lodge parties, the Lion´s Run Winter Edition is everything but not a standard snow holiday trip all the participants might used to it. Every year we open the grid for new entrants to drive alongside alumni and VIP celebrities. For your chance to become part of our history and your own ones in a lifetime experience, do not wait and use the form at the Sign Up page to register for the next event. We will approximately be fully booked out around December this year