The Lion’s Run lifestyle brand was founded by Manuel Hübner and Babak Shahverdi in 2013 with the vision to create an international lifestyle brand that combines exotic automobiles with inspirational people spending a high level road trip adventure through Europe, together.

Lion’s Run went online in 2013 and immediately started to gain very high attention by lifestyle and automotive enthusiasts all over Europe.

From the beginning, Lions Run was working with experienced partners in order to accomplish all expectations we put into Lion’s Run. Amongst a strong team of organizational and marketing specialized employees. In 2015, Babak left the company due to a of lack of time and his responsibility towards his growing marketing companies.

Without loss of time, Sven Salomon, an entrepreneur from Munich who has been participating in Lion’s Run since inception. Sven was from the very first moment the perfect addition to the team and also new shareholder at Lion’s Run. It is due to his efforts and never
ending diligence that the Lion’s Run grew to his actual format.

“From my point of view, Lion’s Run is the most incredible and innovative concept I have ever experienced in my life. It’s a huge family and I am gladly putting my commitment into Lion’s Run to make it even greater and greater every from year to year!”

At the same time, Lion’s Run won another strong new team member, Michael Mittermeier, formerly working as a General Manager for Dolce Media GmbH, the company responsible for rights and special forms of advertisement in the context of the live shows of “Wetten dass…”, Europes biggest live TV shows ever produced. Starting as the responsible for organizing all details around the glamorous and legendary aftershowparties Michael soon became direct assistant to the host, Thomas Gottschalk. Lateron, he received a call to be the CEO of the Gottschalk Gesellschaft für Marketing und Medien, an enterprise that produced for example all the radio and TV-spots for HARIBO, together with Thomas. Michael was also deeply involved in exporting the show format abroad. As an example, the show format was transferred to China where the show was broadcasted for more than 7 years as weekly format with 3 repetitions of each show, every one of them having around 80 million viewers.

Today, Michael is acting as the Managing Director for the Lion’s Run and holds the responsibility for all organizational and event patterns at and Lion’s Run.

Sven Salomon


Roger Steininger