Company Story

Lion's Run is an entertainment company that was founded in 2013 and established itself as the premiere automotive lifestyle adventure and is an annual trendsetting celebration and one of the fastest growing social events & lifestyle brands of its kind. The Lion's Run Winter and Summer South & North Edition are exciting events with a perfect marriage of a modern exotic car rally combined with over 400 Lion's Run alumni drivers since 2013 and yearly joining over 150 people throughout both events. With VIP participants, celebrities, 1of1 daily events and nightlife parties, intimate dinners, bucket list roads and the most important, growing within a new family for life that you share the Lion's Run experiences and friendship with, all year long.

Lion's Run not only established itself as the premiere automotive lifestyle Rally, but as an international lifestyle brand and public display for the prominent guests it attracts. The participants at Lion's Run experience every year new routes with new cities, new high level hotels and a new unparalleled program, which is part of the concept of Lion's Run.

"With no detail left untouched, Lion's Run challenges you to find a better means to celebrating the automotive dream than with us, because there can only be one #1." M. Hübner

The Lion's Run name and logo are trade marks of Lion's Run GmbH & Co. KG and may not be used without permission.

The Concept

We are pursuing a clear vision. Lion’s Run is not a race event, but rather a lifestyle & luxury sports car tour or modern type of an automotive rally with rules. There will be neither timing nor an award ceremony and the participants are always forced by Lion's Run to cooperate with the laws of the respective countries.

Lion's Run offers like minded people the opportunity to take part in a luxury driving experience through the most luxurious cities in Europe. Two annual events, one in Winter and two in Summer, are building the annual highlights of the concept.

"All of our lives we have dreamt of owning, taming, driving, experiencing these beauties. Take the next step and make your mark. Do it or die trying. Lion's Run gives each and everyone of us an opportunity to show our peers and like minded people a glimpse of us and our passion. Make your mark. Express yourself on Lion's Run." Thorsten Rudolph (Participant since inception)
Lion's Run Summer Edition

During the Summer Edition, which always takes place in June to avoid much traffic on the roads, hand picked luxury enthusiasts get together with the most exclusive supercars to embark on an unforgettable seven day trip through a selection of Europe’s unparalleled amazing venues. In order to keep the event as high level as every member deserves, the amount of participating cars is strictly limited to 40 at the Summer Edition.

A perfect marriage of cars, events, tracks, night clubs, intimate dinners, bucket list roads and more importantly fiends that you share this experience with. Experience the greatest automotive luxury lifestyle once in your lifetime adventure.

Lion's Run Winter Edition - A worldwide 1of1 concept

To get a picture of what the Lion's Run Winter Edition is all about, simply imagine the action of the Summer Edition just on a snow playground. Since the first Winter Event took place in January 2016, this one of a kind event concept was fully booked out with a limited amount of 20 cars and 40 participants.

With unparalleled events such as ski-doo racing, sledging, skiing, ice-driving, snow drifting and of course the sickest night events and glamorous snow lodge parties, the Lion's Run Winter Edition is everything but not a standard snow holiday trip all the participants might used to it.