Founders Story

Founders Story

The Lion’s Run lifestyle brand was founded by Manuel Hübner in 2013, born in 1988, Starnberg, Germany. Manuel Hübner is a german entrepeneur living in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany with a big love of everything on 4 wheels and exotic adventures. Manuel’s vision was to create an international lifestyle brand that combined exotic automobiles with inspirational people spending a high level one week road trip adventure through Europe together.

When Lion’s Run went online in 2013, it immediately startet to gain very high attention by lifestyle and automotive enthusiasts all over Europe. Within less than 4 month the very first Lion’s Run was already fully booked out with 50 exotic cars and 100 people. Not only Manuel’s influential friends were joining that first event, but also around 70% of new petrol heads who were joining his great idea to go on a ‘road-trip’ adventure across Europe, hosted with 1of1 side events and glamourous parties.

“With no detail left untouched, Lion’s Run challenges you to find a better means of celebrating the automotive dream than with us.”

From the beginning, Manuel understood to work with experienced partners in order to accomplish all expectations he had into Lion’s Run. Amongst a strong team of organisational and marketing specialized employees, Manuel got accompanied by his former direct partner he had from the beginning when Lion’s Run got launched, Babak Shahverdi, who is a highly experienced marketing and advertising entrepeneur (, also based in Munich. In 2015, Babak left the company on his own decision because of lack of time and his responsibility towards his growing marketing companies.

Without loss of time, Manuel won the new experienced partner Sven Salomon, who has been also participant in Lion’s Run since inception. In matter to share professional expertise, split the huge amount of tasks and time Salomon was the perfect addition to the team and also new shareholder at Lion’s Run.

“Lion’s Run is from my former participants point of view the most incredible and innovative concept I have ever experienced in my life. It’s a huge close family and I am proud to switch into the organisational side of Lion’s Run to make it even greater and greater every year on Manuels side!”

At the same time, Lion’s Run won another strong new team member, Michael Mittermeier, who came directly as the former direct assistent to the worldwide well known moderator Thomas Gottschalk. Michael has been organising all “Wetten Dass..?” live shows during the last 15 years until this great Show ended in 2014. When Michael heard about Lion’s Run he immediately got inspired by this great concept and directly contacted us. Today, Michael holds the responsibility for all organisational and event patterns at Lion’s Run.

Today, the Lion’s Run company employ 3 full-time and 2 part-time employees, over 15 external companies under contract and up to 40 Staff members during the Lion’s Run events and growing.

The Lion’s Run name and logo are trade marks of Lion’s Run GmbH & Co. KG and may not be used without permission.